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Most children who are placed for adoption have been involved in care proceedings.

Currently, 72% of adopted children were neglected, abused or both by their birth families. Some of these children are placed with adopters.

In a comment to The Guardian, Alan Burnell, director of adoption agency Family Futures said, “Many children we see are scared and need help to adjust. Even though they’re in safe, new environments, they need help to rewire their brain so that they can accept the love and the care that they’re getting in adoptive families.

“Local authorities are obliged to assess adopters’ support needs, if requested, but not to provide any specific services identified by those assessments. “The key to adoption success is in the post placement support and therapeutic input,” said Mr Burnell

Adoptions sadly break down – it’s unclear just how often it happens.

Some of these break downs could have been avoided with quality support for adopters struggling with some of the emotionally damaged children whom they have adopted is in short supply.

Sadly it’s hit and miss and is dependent on a postcode lottery. Cuts to local authorities must put at risk the little support available.

If you have adopted or have had a child placed with you for adoption, the team at the Adoption Legal Centre can advise on the responsibilities of local authorities to assess families looking for support. We have experience in holding local authorities to their legal obligations.

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