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All disabled children are regarded as ’Children in need’ and as such, all Local Authorities have duties towards these children. The disabilities may be physical, mental health issues or learning disabilities such as autism.

When disabled children are adopted, their adoptive parents should have access to support in relation to their health, education and other services as necessary. Adopters who care for a child with a disability are entitled to an assessment of their needs for support following a child’s placement.

There are various different ways that a Local Authority can offer support to an adoptive family. They may be able to assist with adaptations to the home, personal care assistants, respite care or Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services. We have experience in challenging Local Authorities when they decide to reduce existing support packages or for example, if they refuse to provide direct payments.

The team at The Adoption Legal Centre can assist with either requesting assessments are carried out or with challenging support services which have already been put into place but which are being reduced.

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