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An agency adoption is where the child has been placed with you solely for the purpose of adoption. The child can be placed with you by a local authority or an adoption agency.

With this application you usually have the full support of the local authority as you have been through the matching process before the child has been placed with you.

The application is relatively straight forward; however, you cannot make the application unless the child has lived with you for more than 10 weeks. The form allows you to choose whether you would like to remain anonymous from the birth parents or whether you are happy for the birth parents to have your details. In most cases the adoptive parents choose to remain anonymous.

In support of the application, the local authority will complete a report as to whether the placement is in the best interests of the child. It will also set out any additional support services it feels you need to care for the child(ren) until adulthood, this can include an allowance, therapy etc.

As the parents still retain parental responsibility until the adoption order is made they do have the right to oppose the adoption order or raise any issues they have in relation to contact. If the parents want to oppose the adoption application then they will need to seek permission from the court before the application is fully dealt with.

At the end of the court process you will be invited back to the court on a date that only you and the social worker are aware of for an adoption ceremony where you are allowed to take pictures of you and your family with the Judge.

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